From athlete to athlete

From elite professionals to amateurs, movement is the thread that connects everyone and anything. Driven by performance, Better Lab is where gold medalists work with our development team to create cutting-edge products. Better's broad community gives us another reason to keep going, in the box or in the race, around the world.

Credits @thephotograph84

  • Andrea Belussi

  • Antonio Bruno

  • Caterina Palazzi

  • Cristian Rechichi

  • Cristina F. Andries

  • Elizabeth Marchesini

  • Emanuele Dall'Asta

  • Enrico Plebani

  • Gabriel Cagiada

  • Gianmarco Borsellino

  • Joseph Castiglione

  • Joseph Girelli

  • Isaac Martufi

  • Marika Basciu

  • Maurizio Calcagno

  • Samuel Fasolis

  • Simone Alberti

  • Valentina Gruppini